Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy and family history.  Our members reside not only in Bedford County, but throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States.  People join to meet like-minded people and conduct the work of the Society, as well as to financially support our projects.  Whatever your reason, we invite you to be a part of preserving Bedford’s heritage!

To become a member, you can complete the form below and pay by the link provided.

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Download and complete a BGSI Membership Application. Click on the Image to send it to the print page.  Please return the downloaded form with your membership payment according to the instructions and mail it to our post office box.

Memberships are available at the following rates:

Annual Individual $20  -OR-  Annual Household $25

Membership follows the calendar year and must be renewed annually unless you are a Lifetime member.

Lifetime Individual $200  -OR-  Lifetime Household $300

Note:  Household memberships are intended for no more than two individuals at the same address.

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